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This Blog is an interracial sexual role-play fetish ONLY! And is for Dom black men to domination, humiliation, pimping, punking, punish and just all over sexually abuse white men This network is a safe place for black Dom men and submissive white men to explore the Interracial sexual role-play…
For some time a ex-member have stalked and slandered the owner of the network going so far as to set up a duplicate network using the name “black mans revenge” and with each host web site we set up with “anonymous complaints” caused us to lost the network again...
we are work to bring our community of black masters and white slaves back together.



Black master and white slave personals.
this page is free to post your info but we do have a donation button if your feeling it. to be added to this page all you need to do is to message us with your ad



dick size:



your email:

what you are in to sexually:

any info you would like others to know

and a photo of you would be posted if you have one.

Please add me to your Black Masters white slaves personals

Name, Greg

Age, 40

dick size, 6”

height, 6’


e-mail, greggee2012@yahoo.com

What I’m into,   I want to find a well hung, dominant black man to serve on a regular basis. I want to be his little white boy cocksucker and fuck toy. I want to kneel at his feet and suck his beautiful black cock and balls for as long as he will let me. He can sit in my recliner and I will sit between his legs and suck his big cock and balls until he’s ready to explode then he can either blow his load in my mouth or roll me over and plant it deep in my ass. Or I can suck him until he can’t take it any longer, then he can roll me over and give me a good hard and deep fucking like only a black man can. I live in southeastern South Carolina just off interstate 95 if you are passing through and want to stop off for a good servicing.

What I want people to know about me.  I’ve always loved black men and black cock. I know my place in this world and know that I’m suppose to service well hung dominant black men. Black men have the most beautiful, biggest, black cocks in the world and I absolutely love them. I love sucking them and can suck them for hours. Nobody fucks me like a black man can, Years ago I use to love feeling a black man cumming deep in my ass but no a days I have to be careful and play safe. Theirs nothing that feels better than when a black man pumps my tight little white ass full of his seed. I’m putty in the hands of a strong dominant black man.

Looking for my Black daddy, master and owner!

My name is Chris

Role: kinky obedient white sissy slave.

seeking: My Black daddy, master and owner, in Carrollton, Oh or just Ohio.

Email: delap_c@yahoo.com or c-delap@hotmail.com 

phone# to text: 1-330-324-1279

cock size: under 4.5, so very small.

sexual interests: Very kinky, obedient, virgin. Want to be owned and service a superior black master in his bedroom and at home. Willing to dress up in womans clothing to plz my black daddy however I don’t want to be forced feminized or pimped out. I’m a college student currently working towards my future and plan to be very successful but have my wild side.

Master, come claime your obedient little fucking whore! ( yes I love being called this or whatever master wishes.)


dick size:7” cut
your email:hrssissyboi@gmail.com
what you are in to sexually: it is a slave seeking a black Master to further its training to serve BBC
any info you would like others to know: Master it seeks needs to be local, have its own house and training room/equipment to enslave this boi and sissify it


pigslave for superior black

55 year old full pigslave in London seeking total dehumanisation to just the mindless piece of white shit that it is,its a good earner for a master who wishes for it to perform on a life shows on the internet for him ,it is a complete pig to black ,full toilet,painpig,dogwhore,sissywhore,cumdump for all


would also love to correspond with REAL BLACK MASERS 

thank you



62 yo bimwm, 5’10” 225 pds. Seeking a Black Master for me to serve. Wish to be on my knees with His Cock in my mouth.

my email is elcorsam@yahoo.com



white submissive married bottom boy loves serving and pleasuring Dominant Black Men.

Conact: prb7285@gmail.com


ashley buff

new england- muscle sissy needs black master

Conact: tabbybiggs@gmail.com


inferior white male sissy slave

MASTERS this obedient sissy white male slave is in Dayton, OH and seeking all Dominant and Superior Black Men to worship, serve and obey as is the natural order SIRS, obediently YOURS, slave michael

Conact: blkowndsissy@yahoo.com


white slave available in SoCal

email me please

Conact: sub4blkman@ymail.com




i am a white man, 45 old, i am looking for a Black Master. How must i do to be a white trash slave?

yours faithfully

Conact: ricc898@gmail.com



i am a older white sub/slave looking to serve a Black Master. i wish to serve in anyway He needs me to serve and will of course be on my knees to service Him at all times as well.

Conact: realsub4@yahoo.com


A form of conquest, its primal in nature

looking for beefy hairy guys who are fur-covered everywhere.

you will fly into your town.

passport in hand, you contact me if you deserve to have your bubble-butt filled.

this photo is cropped; contact me with a deserving photo and I decide to grant you the opportunity of witnessing a 10” powerstroke.

Conact: metakenn@yahoo.com


white whipping boi available for ownership…

Conact: markw6969@hotmail.com




I am a 58 year old white male that would love to be in a bunkke circle or circle jerk of black men feeding me their seed and if they choose to pee on me ok too. I live in the Abilene Texas area I do not make enough money at this time to travel or would come to any group of black males that wanted me. my cell is 325-260-4043. come cover me in your superior cum.

Conact: saddlebronk7@yahoo.com


Mark gay white inferior slave

I need to serve the superior BLACK MAN
I am 45 5’0” tall browny hair/eyes
I live in Milwaukee if you do please feel free to call

Conact: baroqueofisis@aol.com



Does it have to be so hard

Why is it that when I find a Master I like my contract is always moved to another?

Conact: blckluv4u2@aol.com


I am a 37 year old masculine white boy, ex- male model…

I am looking for a strong black male daddy, older preferably, who wants to own, control, and sex up a willing 6 foot tall, 180 pd, dark hair and eye, masculine submissive slave on a part time or eventually full time basis. I LIVE IN NORTHWEST INDIANA, RIGHT OUT SIDE CHICAGO… 219 252 5657…. Call me so we can get off….. Discrete, safe, and love to party!


name: ben (bitch boy)
dick size: 5.5
height: 5’11”
weight: 190 lbs
your email: charvette1986@comcast.net
into sexually: being an obedient white slave, surrendering my throat and ass to Black Masters. Love to get face fucked and worship Master with tongue. Truely enjoy being treated as an object. MASTER’s object.


 sissyterry 49 yo gwm 5ft 7inches cock size 5 to 6 inches  looking for black dominant master  am very new to this & have never had anal sex before  would like meet a caring master  into public humiliation, little dress up diaper & chasity belt enforcement & public humiliation while dressed up  please contact me at tgkjr1926@gmail.com  or 561-667-1583  i live in west palm beach florida  thank u , SIRS!!